Summary in English

Crossing the Chasm

Marketing state-of-the-art technology has been compared with the perils of crossing a chasm. And those companies that are unable to communicate the advantages of their solutions will inevitably fall down the abyss, regardless the superiority of their product.

A common reason for these failures is an inclination to sell technology by putting technical performance and features at the center of marketing efforts. Whereas the customer only has one question in mind: Will our investment pay off – will it yield higher profits, save time or improve quality?

However, larger deals regularly involve decision-makers without in-depth technological knowledge. This must be taken into account when producing your marketing material. I can improve your marketing communication by writing texts – in English as well as in Swedish – that are readable and comprehensive also for the non-expert.

Well-written marketing material may not make it easier to sell your products, but it could make them easier to buy.